What to expect


The first step is to schedule an appointment online or by calling the studio. Dean works by appointment only so your custom jewelry gets the personal attention it needs. You’ll use this time to casually discuss what you would like and what Dean can offer. Here you’ll decide if you’re a good match for each other.
If you’d like to move forward, you’ll nail down a design plan together, and Dean will give you a price and time estimate for your design.
Putting down a deposit is the next step to get the design process rolling. Dean requires half of the quoted price of your piece to get started. The final balance is not due until you pick up your finished jewelry.


If you need to schedule a second consultation to finalize any design details, Dean will let you know.
First, if your design requires any special diamonds or gemstones, now Dean can source those for you or help you to source quality stones for your design.
Next, Dean will send you CAD (computer aided design) renderings of your design via email within a few weeks for your approval. This is a basic overview of what your completed piece will look like and your opportunity to discuss any changes. Once approved, Dean will begin manufacturing your piece.


Now, the wait is on! With your approval, Dean will begin to manufacture your custom jewelry. As everything Dean creates is custom, and our workload is ever-changing, this can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month. We’ll try to offer you an accurate completion date that’s based on the complexity of your design and the orders ahead of yours.
Keep in mind, manufacturing takes time, as many steps are required to achieve quality results: metal casting, hand fabrication, stone setting, hand engraving, polishing, etc.


After manufacturing we like to have every piece that Dean creates professionally photographed to feature here on our website. Photography takes an additional couple of days, and the results are awesome.
We’ll give you a call or email to let you know as soon as your piece is ready to pick up. At this time, any remaining balance must be paid, pick up your completed piece, and take away a locally made, custom piece of fine jewelry unlike any other. (We’ll even name it after you here on the website!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a jewelry store?

No, Dean Fredrick is not a retail jewelry store. Everything Dean creates is custom. We’re a custom jewelry studio that works with clients to create unique pieces. No molds are used to create our jewelry, and we keep no ready-made stock on hand. No salesmen in suits. No mass produced jewelry. No BS.

This stuff looks expensive. Can I afford it?

Everything is custom. That’s the best part. And like anything that’s custom, the cost is determined by your preferences. In other words, the more precious metal and gemstones you incorporate, the more the piece will likely cost. That said, Dean can work with you to create a beautiful and high quality piece within almost any reasonable budget. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Can you melt down my gold to create new jewelry?

While Dean can incorporate your gemstones or diamonds, he does not like to “melt down” or repurpose existing gold or platinum jewelry to create his jewelry. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily, we can’t be sure of the quality/soundness of outside metals. It’s difficult to guarantee a new piece when we are unfamiliar with the alloys used, etc. Also, melting down metals does not tend to “save money” as one might expect. In fact, it adds more time and work to the creation of new jewelry, adding to the cost. Dean tends to recommend that sentimental pieces are best kept “as is” or given to a jeweler who specializes in jewelry alteration.

Can I have my jewelry insured?

Yes, definitely! And we suggest you do. We’ll offer you a jewelry appraisal for any piece that Dean creates. You can give this to your insurance company or take out special jewelry insurance to cover any loss or damage. Please note, we do not appraise any outside jewelry.  Check out Jewelers Mutual if you don’t already have an insurance company.

Can I have something to drink?

Please, we’ll join you. We’ve got Lone Star Beer, Topo Chico and a pretty nice full bar. (We usually have gummy bears too. That’s just how we roll.)

Do you make class rings?

Not really. But we’ll make you a classy ring.

Can I return my jewelry?

No refunds. Because every piece is custom designed, once it’s agreed on – all sales are final. Workmanship is guaranteed. If you lose any stones or have any issues with your piece, contact Dean, and we’ll work to make sure you’re always happy with your jewelry.

Still have a question? Give us a shout.

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