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mastering custom design and craftsmanship

Hey, I’m Dean Fredrick – the hands that turn your visions into meticulously crafted realities. With a down-to-earth approach, I’m here to turn your jewelry dreams into genuine works of art.

dean fredrick’s journey of personalized jewelry excellence


dean fredrick’s journey

It began in a Houston high school, where his talent in jewelry making was spotted by an art teacher. Armed with a gemology degree from the GIA, he assessed diamonds, including the famous Taylor-Burton gem. In Los Angeles, he refined his skills under renowned mentors before launching his line in 1999, adorning celebrities like Celine Dion and Halle Berry. Now based in New Braunfels, Dean’s studio showcases a lifelong dedication to jewelry design, offering unique and artistic custom pieces.

dean fredrick’s process

Custom jewelry process starts with a personalized consultation, where desires and design options are discussed. Upon agreement, a design plan is crafted with cost estimates and a deposit is made. The design is finalized through consultations and CAD renderings before Dean brings it to life.

The meticulous crafting stage involves various artistic steps, producing a unique piece with an estimated completion date. Once ready, professional photography showcases the piece on the website. You’re notified for pick-up, settle the remaining payment, and receive your locally crafted, extraordinary piece of artistry.


i work by appointment only to guarantee the attention you need for custom jewelry.

available for purchase

While specializing in custom jewelry, we also have a selection of handpicked pieces available for immediate purchase.

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dean fredrick’s journey of personalized jewelry excellence

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